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We are a professional Trucks Suppliers in Germany for many years. We can provide all kinds of Trucks/Cars/construction machineries.

We not only provide you the quality products,but also the best servcies. Please email us or fax us, I will send you more details & prices. Sincerely hope to establish a long term trade relation with you. If you are available, sincerely welcome you come to our company for a visit, seeing is believing, I think a good sightseeing would be helpful for you.


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The block saws are designed for economic cutting of rough blocks. The extremely heavy construction and use of grey cast iron and slide bearing channels for height and cross support ensure particularly low-vibration work, maximum cutting performance and unparalleled cutting precision. The intelligent control automatically senses block size and length, saving time and guaranteeing high production capacity. Comes with comprehensive safety functions as standard for automatic operation.

Technology at a glance

* Bridge travel: 3,800 mm (BS), 4,000 mm (TF)
* Height adjustment: 1.450 mm (BS), 1.800 mm (TF)
* Bridge displacement (standard): 3,800 mm (expandable)
* Cutting depth: approx. 1.300 mm (BS), approx. 1.490 mm (TF)
* Cutting motor: from 37 to 75 kW, depending on the application
* Peripheral speed: approx. 28 m/s (granite) / 42 m/s (marble)
* Block carriage: 3,000 x 1,500 mm / 3,000 x 2,000 mm (option)
* Dimensions: 6,000 x 9,000 x 4,850 mm
* Weight: approx. 11.000 kg (BS), approx. 18.000 kg (TF)

With its large, wire-protecting guide wheels, the block saw is an interesting alternative for economically cutting rough blocks. Automated, load-dependent and defined block cutting guarantee optimal performance. Comes with comprehensive safety equipment and built-in multi-block automation for fully-automatic, continuous operation even overnight. The machine is available in a stationary or mobile version or as a profile block wire saw.

Technology at a glance

* Height adjustment: 2,400 mm
* Cutting depth: approx. 2,000 mm
* Bridge displacement (standard): 5,500 mm (expandable)
* Wire tensioning: electro-pneumatic
* Wire length: approx. 20 m
* Cutting motor: 22 kW, speed-limited
* Wire speed: from 20 - 40 m/s
* Dimensions: 8,100 x 10,000 x 7,000 mm
* Weight: approx. 6,000 kg

Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine

* Considerable savings in production time.
* 24-hour continuous operation with minimum labour input.
* Space-saving through lateral loading.
* Precise performance.
* A machine that saves you a lot of work.

Technology at a glance

* Wall and grinding carriage from grey cast iron, vibration free, for best grinding quality.
* Grinding speed up to 15 m/min makes for high performance.
* Recognition of stone position and contour by Teach-In-system - for stones of any shape.
* 18 programmable stations for various types of grinding, facilitates efficient working of surfaces and curves.
* Memory for 20 projects, 40 projects optional.
* Project prioritising for ready response to urgent or extra orders.
* Grinding spindle with adjustable stop for rough grinding.
* Motor-driven stroke 700 mm, pneumatic stroke 160 mm, for projects from 20 to 500 mm as well as curve processing.


Our heavy, mobile bridge saw is used for cutting slabs and especially small rough blocks. Grey cast iron and wear-resistant slide bearing channels for height and cross support ensure particularly low-vibration work, maximum cutting performance and unparalleled cutting precision.

Technology at a glance

* Bridge travel: 3,800 mm
* Height adjustment: 600, 750 or 1,000 mm
* Bridge displacement (standard): 3,800 mm (expandable)
* Cutting motor: from 28 to 37 kW
* Peripheral speed: approx. 28 m/s (granite) / 42 m/s (marble)
* Cutting depth: with saw blade 1,600 mm: 680 mm
* Dimensions: 7,500 x 6,000 x 4,550 mm
* Weight: approx. 6,500 kg

Radial Arm Polisher

This machine makes the production of memorial stones easy. Just one machine for all steps of the manufacturing process.

Technology at a glance

* Standard version with column.
* Motor-driven vertical arm adjustment: 900 mm.
* Arm length: 2x 1100 mm.
* Vertical adjustment of grinding spindle: 130 mm
* 2-speed motor 3.3/4.9 kW (4.6/6.8 hp) for a speed of approx. 300/480 min-1
* Oscillating grinding head S2h for granite work..


* Wall-mounted version.
* Radial arm length: 2x 1350 mm.
* Frequency regulator for 5.5 kW (7.5 hp). Grinding spindle speeds approx. 100-1000 min-1.
* Pneumatic grinding pressure.
* Hydraulic locking of the arm joints for working with drill bits.